Dedicated to quality inside the plant and well beyond.

When Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC (HMIN) first began full-scale production at its Greensburg location, it set in motion the assembly of thousands of vehicles each month. But perhaps more remarkable is what Honda’s seventh North American auto assembly plant doesn’t produce. Our site stretches across 1,600 acres, yet it was designed to have the smallest environmental footprint of all North American auto plants. To achieve that goal required thinking that went well beyond the plant’s physical structure. For instance, the lakes that surround the facility act as natural aquatic filters, protecting the nearby farmland from sediments associated with runoff. And we have rehabilitated a vital floodplain with new creek-side forest growth that will enhance biodiversity.

That level of concern we have for the natural environment is equaled by our concern for the work environment. The vehicles we build in Greensburg are the result of an all-encompassing philosophy of quality. Measured in more ways than just fit and finish, quality is central to our operation. It can be found in our use of electric motors instead of hydraulics to reduce noise and odor. Our paint spraying systems were designed to produce less airborne loss. Both of these innovations reflect a systematic approach we have taken to improve the quality of our working environment.

Honda Manufacturing of Indiana is honored to produce the Civic Sedan, the car that helped establish the Honda reputation for quality and efficiency. The addition of the Indiana exclusive models, the Civic Natural Gas and Civic Hybrid, to our production line, underscores the role HMIN plays within Honda. But we are equally committed to our roles as corporate citizens, environmental stewards and your neighbors.